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ADIDAS punch bag full 180/35 cm

ADIDAS punch bag full 180/35 cm
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Price: 177,77 EUR
Price: 144,53 EUR net
Producer: ADIDAS
Model: 04238
Status: available immediately (order processing time up to 3 working days)
Shipping (price from): 15,89 EUR (pre-payment)
Description of product
Punching bag made of very durable synthetic leather. Used for training both in boxing and all kinds of kicking sports (kickboxing, mma, taekwondo, muay tai, etc.). A bag with printed points from 1 to 8 allows versatile training with various combinations of kicks and punches.
The bag is full.

MATERIAL: synthetic leather
FILLING: scraps of materials
BAG CLOSING: strong zipper hidden behind the collar
METHOD OF SUSPENSION: it is hung with 4 chains connected at the top to the bag.
HANDLE FIXING: sewn to the bag
BAG LENGTH: 180 cm
WEIGHT: ~ 57 kg
COLOR: Black with white printing
WARRANTY: 12 months
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