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DRYER MASTER" DM-KPL Air freshener for sports equipment

DRYER MASTER" DM-KPL Air freshener for sports equipment
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Price: 8,97 EUR
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Producer: IRON PRO
Model: 14211-DM-KPL
Status: available immediately (order processing time up to 3 working days)
Shipping (price from): 3,45 EUR (pre-payment)
Description of product
DRYER MASTERS DM-KPL sports equipment refresher sold as a pair is designed for equipment such as sports shoes, boxing gloves, knee pads and other protectors offered in a set. These are two pouches allowing to refresh both gloves/protectors from the pair at the same time.
Simple and convenient to use - just put the pouch inside the glove/protector after each workout and let it sit until it absorbs moisture. Removing moisture from your gear will prevent the bacteria that cause odors. After use, the bags should be dried in the sun or on a radiator.

The print on the product is made by sublimation using special acrylic inks, which are environmentally friendly. The print is very durable and resistant to abrasion and UV rays, thanks to which drying in the sun or on a radiator is completely safe.

DRYER MASTER bags are made of two types of knitted fabrics:
- super absorbent backing made of fleece, which is characterized by high fibre strength. It is completely resistant to stretching and fading. Moreover, it is completely safe for both the user and the environment. The knitted fabric is odourless and free of toxins;
- A high quality outer layer made of MEMORY polyester knitted fabric, the so-called "intelligent fabric". It is completely resistant to all kinds of folds and mechanical damage.  It is also water vapour-permeable in both directions which means that our dryer, after absorbing moisture, gives it back to the outside, making the product reusable.

The insert of the DRYER is a natural silica grit SiO2, which has moisture absorbing properties and high odour absorbing capacity. It is a natural product, antibacterial, non-toxic, odorless and most importantly environmentally friendly.
Dimensions of one piece of absorber: 13,5 cm x 9 cm.
Made in Poland!
Sold as a pair!
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