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Kick training rubber MASTERS MASTERS G-MFE-KICK

Kick training rubber MASTERS MASTERS G-MFE-KICK
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Model: 14817
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Description of product
Professional training rubber for kick training. Used to develop strength, dynamics, endurance and technique - all the elements necessary in combat sports. Training with this device improves the work of the legs, allows you to maintain a constant distance between the legs, and strengthens the calves and ankles. Polyester braided rubber attached to the ankle straps with heavy-duty webbing straps.
Rubber length without stretching: 290 cm, length of the rubber after stretching 530 cm
Rubber thickness: 0.8 cm
Rubber cover in the middle of the rubber: 12 cm
Ankle strap circumference: 20 - 34 cm
Ankle strap width: 5 cm
Length of the attachment of the rubber to the ankle strap: 2.5 cm
Fastening with durable and strong Velcro.
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