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MASTERS G-MFE-BOX rubber for straight punches training

MASTERS G-MFE-BOX rubber for straight punches training
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Model: 14814
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Description of product
Professional training rubber for training straight blows. Used to develop strength, dynamics, endurance and technique - all the elements necessary in combat sports. Training with this device increases the effectiveness of fighting the shadow, improves the strength of the blow, and strengthens the arms, back and shoulders. Polyester braided rubber attached to wooden handles with durable webbing straps, in the center a belt made of durable material.
The length of the rubber: 90 cm, length of the rubber after stretching 150cm
Rubber thickness: 0,8 cm
Handle length: 13 cm
Handle thickness: 2.9 cm
The length of the rubber attachment from the handle: 7 cm
Belt length: 50cm
Belt width: 6cm
Wooden handle.

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