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Mouthguard OZ-TT-COMBAT

Mouthguard OZ-TT-COMBAT
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Price: 11,64 EUR
Previous price: 11,64 EUR
Price: 9,47 EUR net
Producer: TOP TEN
Model: 0841-CTPR 05
Status: available immediately (order processing time up to 3 working days)
Shipping (price from): 2,96 EUR (pre-payment)

Description of product
The protector is made of two layers of material. On the inside, a soft rubber increases the comfort of use, and on the outside, a hard, well-protecting material.
The mouthguard is thermoset - it adjusts to any size of the jaw.
The center cut makes it easier to breathe during training.
Mouthguard intended for adults.
Sold in a ventilated storage box.
Various colors - available in the selection menu.
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