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Freshener for sports equipment Vio-Pro sport Nano Silver

Freshener for sports equipment Vio-Pro sport Nano Silver
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Producer: inny / other
Model: 14003-VIO PRO
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Shipping (price from): 2,97 EUR (pre-payment)
Description of product
Ag-ent is a preparation for refreshing sports equipment. Silver nano particles actively block the source of unpleasant odors.
The air freshener reduces the occurrence of bacteria, fungi and viruses, and additionally has a pleasant fresh scent.
An indispensable companion for physical activity.
It wins with the smell of training emanating from your equipment. No matter if they are boots, gloves, skates, helmet, ski boots or ballet shoes.
Take it with you to the pitch, slope, ice, to the fitness club, to the gym or to the field. At home, use it for formal shoes or high heels and feel comfortable.
An additional advantage of the products is the fact that they are produced in 100% in Poland.

How to use: spray the dried equipment, e.g. gloves, with Vio-Pro on the inside and leave it to dry completely. The refreshing treatment should be repeated regularly.
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