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The boxing gloves care product Vio-Pro sport 100 ml

The boxing gloves care product Vio-Pro sport 100 ml
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Description of product
The boxing gloves care product is designed for removing surface dirt and preserving leather gloves and other natural leather products. Thanks to its unique composition of active ingredients, it is highly effective and has a strong moisturising and softening effect on the leather. The addition of UV filters protects the material against colour loss.

It is good to grease natural leather after each workout; if for some reason it is not possible, it is recommended to grease it once a week. Greasing leather gloves prolongs their life; greased leather becomes more flexible, which translates into its durability. Greasing with Vio-Pro is easy to do, just spray the gloves and let them dry.
Effective care can extend the life of your boxing gloves by months, if not years.

Directions for use:
Shake before use. Apply directly to the item to be cleaned. Allow to dry.
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